27 August 2007

Surely this is not a good name for a beer.....

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket So we were driving on the highway yesterday, and I see a truck from Italy and on the side it has big advertisements for "Drive Beer".

Hmmmm. Maybe not what one should promote on the side of a beer bottle?

I tried not to jump to conclusions. I thought: "Maybe it's a non-alcohol beer for people who want to drink beer and drive." ........Ummmm, nope. The reason it's called "Drive" beer is because it's promoted by this guy:

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Italian race driver Giancarlo Fisichella. And it isn't alcohol free; it's got an alcohol content of 2.5 percent. And while that might be considered a mild driving-safe beverage in certain counties in The Republic of Ireland, it is nonetheless alcohol, and therefore something that we hope Giancarlo isn't sucking down before a race.

They seem to be promoting it as a fun, hip, chic beer for people who live in the fast lane; a fast lane where, apparently, a lot of good-looking Italian people are driving drunk.

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Because, you know, when we've had a bit to drink, we're all a lot more susceptible to suggestion. So when you're asking yourself, "What should I do now?", what better place to look than the place where you've sought so many other answers: your beer bottle. And there's the answer, loud and clear:


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Yhennyver said...

ROFL HEY! When's it coming to America, cause Goddess knows we need yet another reason to kill ourselves besides a war nobody wants :P

jaja said...


I could just see the advertisments hitting the states, too:

Drive Beer - Life in the fast lane.