05 March 2008

Elfke's Visitors

As you might have gathered, I'm not doing any of my "normal" blogging right now as Elfke is convalescing. She has to be given water every hour or so, and I'm worried about her and I can't really focus my thoughts on anything else. But all the cats have been very supportive, and they seem to have taken it upon themselves to sit by her in shifts. (BTW, we've had to take the cover off our couch incase there are "mishaps", which is why it looks so weird.)

Francis watches her sleep:
Elfke and Francis

Martha (our blind cat) hangs out in the basket with her:
Martha and Elfke

Vienna (our "designer" cat) makes an appearance:
Elfke and Vienna

Francis and Peanut provide some entertainment:

Francis comes by again, just in case she wakes up and needs something:


Brian said...

I like Francis the best!

Brian said...

I just realized - if I were a sick cat, there's probably no better place in the WHOLE WORLD than your house!