07 July 2009

Freaky Goings-On At My Gym


Here’s what’s been happening: Every time I’m at my gym (which is never very crowded by the way), I’ll be on an elliptical trainer, and someone will come and get on a trainer RIGHT NEXT TO ME. Now bear in mind that there are 9 elliptical trainers, but it doesn’t matter if all the rest are empty, still someone will get on the machine right next to mine. I thought maybe this was because I tend to be in the middle of all of them and perhaps people just wanted to look at the TV screens, but NO, it happens even when I’m on the very end of the row at either side. WHY???.......Then the other day just to check my theory, I got on a treadmill instead (5 in a row, I got on one at the end) and even though they were all empty, sure enough the next person who came in got on the one right next to me. WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON??? Is this a Belgian thing? Do Belgians have some sort of a reverse space thing to the (International I thought) RULE that you’re supposed to get no closer to another person than one empty machine between you, and even that’s a little creepy when they’re all empty? And what’s terrible is that it’s all set up so that I can’t say a thing. If I politely say, “Do you mind not standing so close to me, you freak?” (or words to that effect) then suddenly I’ll be the rude one.

I mean seriously, what do these people do in other social situations? Do they get in an elevator and stand right next to the only other person in there? When they go to an otherwise empty restaurant do they make sure to seat themselves right next to the only other people there?

The only option I have is to bring an extra towel to the gym and put it on the machine next to me so the freaks will think it’s being reserved and use one of the 7 OTHER ONES instead. I’ll let you know how it works out.



Lilacspecs said...

That is weird! Especially since most of the time Belgians are so anti social towards strangers.
But ooh! Is it an affordable gym? Cause I need to look into that. This getting caught out in the sporadic rain when it's still sunny on my bike? It's not cool.

Jovanka said...

Oh don't get me wrong - they're not being social, they're just being freaky. Yes the gym is affordable if you ignore the cost of all the freakiness. Also they have student rates as I believe you are a student? I'm not. I'm just a cranky old huisvrouw.

Suzy said...

If it's only men doing this, there's your answer. It used to happen to me at the gym too and it was always some gross guy. One time I was SO annoyed I got OFF my machine and got on another one 3 spaces away. he did not follow me.