20 August 2009

Define "Nice"


Something I've noticed is that around this time of year my blog is really sparse. The reason for this? My brain literally shuts down from the heat. I can't sleep, I can't think. It's bloody awful and there's no escape from it.

Today it's about 33°C where I am. That's 91°F in Yank Speak. It's about 6°C (20°F) over what I find tolerable. But the really sickening thing is that there are actually people who like this crap. I turn on CNN International this morning and the weather lady is gesturing over a map of Western Europe talking about what "nice" weather it is. Nice??!! According to who? Your pet iguana? Newsflash: There is nothing "nice" about weather that makes it obligatory to wear sleeveless tops and industrial strength sunscreen. But somehow an adjective as subjective as "nice" has come to be universally accepted as meaning, "hot weather". WHY? Who got to decide that?

I've been rebelling against this my whole life. When people ask me if it's nice out I generally give them my opinion sometimes leading to scenes where some retard whines at me, "B-b-but it's so cold! I thought you said it was nice!!", to which I fold my arms like the eternal belligerent teenager that I am and reply, "It is nice. Nice and cool."


Here's what I think: Hot weather brings out the worst in people. There's this whole obligation to wear tank tops and sandals and to get on crowded trains without bathing (apparently). You can't be interesting and wear layered clothes and have jackets with all sorts of pockets in the summertime. Instead you have to show the world your upper arms and walk around like you're on your way to a volleyball tournament. It's so undignified.

And I'm convinced that most people who say they like hot weather only say that because they think they're supposed to like it - perhaps because they've heard it erroneously referred to as "nice" all their lives. I think if they would meditate on the issue for a few minutes they'd find that they actually find hot weather as annoying as I do in the same way that people would find standing in a crowded room watching live music annoying if they ever gave it any educated thought. .....Which brings me to the worst combination ever: hot weather and live music. Right now there are thousands of people at music festivals all over the world standing in the sweltering heat watching people play musical instruments. God help them if they ever analyze their situations.

Here's hoping winter makes an early comeback.


Spotted Sparrow said...

Yay, I'm glad it's not just me hating this weather. Thankfully, it's supposed to be gone tomorrow.

Lilacspecs said...

I like warm weather and summertime (hate the clothes though) but yeah, once it breaks 85° I'm not happy at all. Doing laundry today has been a relief cause it means I get to go down to the "cool" ground floor of the house, which is probably around 88°.

BBE said...

Well in spirit of "When life gives you lemons, make lemonade", at least it has stopped raining for at least five whole minutes now.

I was once in Morocco, in August, it was over 40 degrees C at midnight but it was not as uncomfortable as 30ish C here. I think that it is the humidity of Northern Europe, more than the heat, that causes the discomfort.


Jovanka said...

They always say, "it's not the heat, it's the humidity"....But it's sure as hell a bugger when it's both....

Brian said...

Here's my rule - if it makes me sweat AND the sweat stays in my clothes (does not dry soon) then it's "bad". In the desert and some kinds of heat, the sweat happens, feels good but does not linger.