22 September 2006

Thank God My Rabbits Are Lesbians

The verdict is in: After separating Daisy and Winnie to stop them shagging constantly (we put them in adjoining cells where they could look at each other and think about what they'd done), we took them to the vet today and after what the rabbits and I agreed was a rather invasive examination, he determined that they are both girls. Lesbians. Horny Lesbian rabbits. And, I'm no biologist, but as far as I know, Lesbians can't reproduce. **whew**. So all is well in our livingroom again. But we're keeping our Turkey Baster locked up in case the rabbits get any ideas.....Hey wait a second. We're vegetarians. We haven't got a Turkey Baster. Thank God. I really didn't feel like getting up.

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Anonymous said...

Some interesting reading! Your uncle Mick and aunt Willa wish you well.