18 January 2008

Followup to previous post

I got a comment from someone on the Extreme Makeover Home Edition forum!

The comment I got is in blue and my response is in green

SweetFaith98 Jan 17, 20:26gmt+01:00

See all postsFirst of all..... that's why this forum is here. By all means, complain. We're here to encourage and support you, that's the importance of sharing your story.

My prayers and thoughts are with you!

Jovanka Jan 17, 22:59gmt+01:00

thankx just a quicvk notye bnecause Im typing this wxith my elbosw


Yes, I realize that I'm juvenile.


Me: said...

Juvenile is good, especially when it leads to posts like this. You crack me up!

Bomb said...

more please!