27 May 2008



OK - we've got a bit of a problem here. Wim was just on his way out the door for his evening run, when he saw the neighbor's cat "playing with" a rather terrified little field mouse. As you and I and that field mouse know, a cat's idea of fun can be very one-sided. Wim ran back in the house to get a container, ran back out, and rescued the little guy just as the cat (who's name is "Muis", incidentally) was playing a new game that involved tossing people in the air and catching them in sharp teeth.

Luckily we've got lots of empty critter cages and hay and food laying around, so the little terrified guy (who I've called Manuel) was quickly packed into one and I've put my black raincoat over the cage to make him more secure.

So anyway, he's sitting there breathing heavily and his leg is sticking out funny (not funny "ha ha") and I can't tell if he's wounded or just traumatized. So - while I hate the thought of keeping him in captivity especially if he's got a family waiting for him, I just can't put him back outside on the off chance he'd be walking with a limp, which would very likely attract the wrong sort of attention from the wrong sort of "people".

Aaaaaargh! What do I do? I wish he would walk around or something. Or at least stop standing like that.

So if he looks like he's still feeling poorly tomorrow, I'll have to go to the pet shop and get him a play wheel and a friend (mice don't like to be alone). I hope I'm right that he's a boy.

It's always something........


Brian said...


Like "man well" or "man you L"?

Jovanka said...

Manuel like "man well", or in this case, "mouse well".