26 October 2009

Things My Cats Have Barfed On


Tiled floors

Carpeted floors

My shoes

My favorite handbag

My suitcase

The book I'm reading

My boots

The landing right outside the bedroom door

The coffee table

A plastic shopping bag

The cat bed

My comedy notebook

The Sopranos Series 4 DVD

The downstairs heater

The front doormat

The bathmat

The stairs

The railing on the stairs

My husband

My make-up drawer

The roof of the cat box

The inside of a kleenex box (with kleenex)

My chair

The inside of the under-the-couch storage box

Other cats


Lilacspecs said...

Ours only ever puke on the floor. Once I think on a pile of laundry, but they seem to prefer flat, uncluttered spaces to do their vomitting.

Brian said...

The ROOF of the cat box!? Whaaaa???

Oh, you mean, from the outside... ah....